Republic ¥ - Majgat
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Republic ¥

Republic ¥ is a concept of the colonial state in which citizens are monsters. This absurd world is acting as a sandbox, giving the freedom of working in many different medias such as painting, illustration, design, sculpture, animation, film, gaming and literature. Working in the realm of this mysterious country, Dawid Majgat is commenting on the surrounding world by showing it in a distorted mirror of his art. He is creating the culture and art history of this imaginary land that allows him to freely comment on and relate to everyday issues, popular culture, tradition, history, politics and the eternal values and reinvent and discuss the structures and mechanisms that steer our world. Following the notion that every man has inner monsters, the concept that binds the whole project is the monst-art aesthetics and a colonial state. Colonial in  a sense of the unstable, diverse and variable identity and subjected to a multi-layered influences.